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"The Amikka Method"

Amikka Education

The Amikka Program focuses on progress through the lens of time management, content, and strategy to maximize the rate of improvement for students on the SAT/ACT exam.

Time management

Increasing Time Constraints

We slowly increase time constraints to force our students to work outside of their comfort zone to become quicker at problem solving.


We give our students a strong problem solving foundation and teach them multiple ways to approach the same question to the get the correct answer. 


Study Guides

We help our students build a mid-course and post-course study guide with mistake patterns, important formulas, and main topics.


 We assess our students thought process and show them multiple strategies that would work for them.

Analyzing Context

We teach our students to build context for every problem before attempting to find a solution to minimize mistakes.



We break topics apart into smaller sections to make it more digestible for all of our students. ​



We help our students find an efficient way to study to make their process more fun and efficient.​


 We encourage our students to have flashcards with main topics and mistake patterns for maximum improvement.

"Our Theory"

We believe:

✓  The area of the triangle is the students potential

✓  There are synergies between each of the side lengths

✓  Working on all three sides leads to greatest expansion



Time Management