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What we offer

✓   Flexible, Online, Private Coaching

- Interactive whiteboard and video chat

- Save the videos if you want to review later

✓  Highly Qualified Instructors

- Extensive interview process and training 

- 100% tutor satisfaction guarantee

 Customized SAT/ACT Programs

-Weekly adjustments to ensure goals are met on time

- Personalized study guides based on error patterns

Who we are

Our SAT/ACT programs focus on the synergies between time management, strategy, and content. Our students scores increase on average ~220 points SAT | ~5 points ACT.

Time Management



Amikka Tutoring is an online platform that provides students with the tools necessary for success on the SAT/ACT exam through private coaching. 

Where our students got into

"Through Amikka Tutoring I was able to increase my SAT score from 1380 to 1480 and got into Cornell University. Definitely recommend!"

-Kyle C, former student

"Amikka tutoring was one of the best options I could have chosen for my SAT tutoring. They helped me get into my dream school UM."

-Vanessa P, former student

"Our Process"

Initial Evaluation

Diagnostic test on time management, content, strategy

Matching with Tutor

Pairing with expert tutor based on availability and learning style

Personalized Program

Personalized programs for each student based on duration, learning style, and goals


Monitor progress from exam to exam to create progress trajectory to ensure results


Guidance through college admissions process and professional development


  • Personalized programs that evolve until you reach your goal

  • 24/7 On-Demand Help

  • The most qualified instructors

    • Extensive interview process

    • Over 30+ years of cumulative experience


  • SAT prep courses

    • ~220 point increase

  • ACT prep courses

    • ~5 point increase

  • K-12 prep courses

  • College Admissions

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